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You are this amazing being.

You don’t need anyone’s


To exist and be you

Full and whole.

Why this, why that?

Who do YOU think you are?


That’s who you made me to be.


You made me but I am MAKING me.

                 I make me.

I am throwing off these chains.

I am gonna let me be   


                 pure joy.

                              Never felt it before in my 36 years…

                              Is this what “they” been talking about all this time?

                              Damn it feels good…

No more looking over my shoulder




                   golden brown

for that shadow that’s always been there.

                GO AWAY.

                                   I don’t want you here.

                You don’t belong.

                You ruin everything.

                                  I hate you.

                 You don’t know me.

                                  You don’t love me…

Just go away and be gone


This is my space.

This is my time.

                   I’ve been waiting.

I played your game, by your rules

Where did it get me?




                   violence against self

                                 the worst kind…

No friend if you can’t call on yourself.


This is my time now so begone

                 shadow of a past life

                 a past time of a life that doesn’t belong to me

it’s yours.

I’m not you.

I want to live in the light,

no shadows.

In 5 minutes: inspired by prompt:

write to your younger self with this shadow self and these dry bones in mind.  


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